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Root Communication Training Services

Empowering Organizations with Civility and Inclusion

Sexual Harassment Prevention Training


Exceeding Your Expectations

Root Communication provides compliant sexual harassment training, meeting AB 1825 regulations.  All AB 1825 subject areas will be addressed, including but not limited to, an understanding of the law, recent court decisions, real-life examples, and a review of your organization’s policy.  While meeting these obligations, Root Communication is dedicated to going beyond legal compliance by covering topics that research indicates makes more of an impact, such as civility, bystander intervention and women in leadership.  Specific communication strategies that improve workplace culture and productivity are provided and practiced.

Add-On Offerings

Audiovisual Conference

Grow Your Business

Add-on or Independent sessions include:

  • Civility

  • Inclusion

  • Women in Leadership

  • Communication Competence

* Quantitative and qualitative risk assessments of workplace culture can help identify areas in need of attention and growth.

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