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Root Communication

Root Communication is a consulting firm specializing in addressing sexual harassment, equality, civility and inclusion.

Sexual harassment claims and calls for more civility in the workforce has surged in recent years.  Organizations and individuals have incurred costs through litigation, loss of productivity and bruises to their reputations.  The research is overwhelming: traditional sexual harassment training is not working.  Web training and videos are not making the impact organizations expect.  The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission claims that “Much of the training done over the last 30 years has not worked as a prevention tool - it's been too focused on simply avoiding legal liability.”   Trainings focus too much on relaying the laws and not enough on changing behaviors, teaching communication skills, and creating widespread inclusive and civil mindsets.  Appropriate and respectful communication is at the root of prevention.  Root Communication's sexual harassment prevention training incorporates all the legal material and definitions required under AB1825.  Then it goes beyond, to the part that makes the difference, educating organizations on strategies and behaviors that promote equality, respect and inclusion.

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